To place an order or for customer service, please call or fax the Hybridoma Reagent Laboratory at the same number: 443-386-7619. When ordering by telephone, fax or email, please provide the following information:

1. Name, telephone number, detailed shipping and billing information

2. Product description and code numbers (e.g., HP6043-HRP)

3. Quantity and unit size of each product (e.g., 2 vials, 0.5 ml each)

4. Purchase order number (no credit cards yet)

5. Federal Express Number (if available)

6. Please mark all confirming orders as "Confirming Orders" to avoid duplication.

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with each order.

All antibody reagents are shipped on dry ice by Federal Express next day delivery to insure antibody quality. Shipping charges may be prepaid and they are then added to the invoice. Foreign orders are shipped by air mail or air freight by request. Each antibody product is accompanied with its own certificate of analysis (see page 6)

Payment is due in U.S. Dollars, net 30 days from the date of invoice generation. Payments should made payable to "Hybridoma Reagent Laboratory" and sent to P.O. Box 9975, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA.

Hybridoma Reagent Laboratory Employer Identification Number (EIN)# = 52-1628752; DUNS# = 62-304-8006; ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN THE USA